What is a Background Check? A background check is when an employer requests information about you from various sources in order to verify your identity and assess your character. Employers typically conduct background checks as part of their hiring process in order to gain insight about potential employees. They use this information to make decisions about who they want to hire. The information that employers look for in a background check includes but is not limited to:

  • 1

    Criminal records

    this includes any arrests or convictions on your record.

  • 2

    Financial history

    this includes credit reports and bankruptcies. It may also include current debts such as loans or credit card payments.

  • 3

    Education and employment history

    employers will usually ask for copies of diplomas and transcripts, as well as past job references.

  • 4

    Drug testing

    many employers also require drug tests prior to employment. This helps them determine if the applicant has used drugs in the past or if they are currently using them.

  • 5

    Professional licenses

    some jobs require applicants to hold certain professional licenses (such as medical professionals). Employers may ask for these documents prior to hiring someone so that they can ensure that the applicant is qualified for the position.

How Do Employers Use Background Checks? Employers typically use background checks when making decisions about whom they should hire for a particular position. They might also use them when deciding whether or not to renew an employee’s contract or promote them within the company. Some employers even use them as part of their onboarding process; this way, they can be sure that their new employees have provided accurate information about themselves prior to starting work at their organization. Finally, employers might also use background checks when conducting investigations into employee misconduct or suspicious activity within their workplace; this helps them determine whether any laws were broken or if there was any inappropriate behavior involved in the incident in question.


As you can see, background checks are an important tool used by employers when making decisions about whom they should hire and retain within their organization. It’s important that you provide accurate information during the hiring process so that your prospective employer has all of the necessary information needed in order to make an informed decision about whether or not you are right for the position at hand! With these tips in mind, it shouldn't be too difficult navigating through the stressful process of having a potential employer conduct a background check on you! Good luck!